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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Hanoi street portraits 5.3


I’ve been working on the Hanoi street portraits project on and off since the beginning of 2015. The idea is a simple one: black and white headshot portraits of people I encountered on the streets near my (then) home in Hanoi. You can read more about how I approach these street portraits in this post from last year.

It was a project I returned to at regular intervals over the last couple of years, I think partly because I liked the restriction of having some self-imposed rules. With clearly-defined limits on composition and framing, I could concentrate on trying to capture character and mood.

I found the time to work on one probably final wave of the series in my last couple of weeks in Hanoi in September. This particular project may have come to an end, but don’t be surprised to find Yangon street portraits making an appearance on this site in the not too distant future.








3 Responses to “Hanoi street portraits 5.3”

  1. bluebrightly

    Such intensely different faces and focused expressions! I do hope you’ll do a Yangon version, these are terrific.


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