Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Yangon nightfall


I tend to put my camera away once the sun has gone down. But one of the things that I’ve been trying to do more of since moving to Yangon is shooting after dark. These pictures were both taken as the sun went down on my second day in Yangon, back in September. Lots more pictures from Yangon coming soon.


5 Responses to “Yangon nightfall”

  1. allentimphotos2

    Jon, although I like both of these I prefer the more intimate nature of the person looking at their cell phono. It also seems to fit your portrait themes.

  2. Alison and Don

    Both great shots Jon. I remember that view down that main street in Yangon. We stayed in a hotel very close to the pagoda. There’s something compelling about the man with the cell phone – the lighting draws you in.

  3. bluebrightly

    Obviously, there’s no need to put the camera away at all! These are great images. For someone who’s never been there, it’s nice to see an overview, like the top photo, and a close up on the street. The light and colors are just superb!

  4. Zac

    Nice pictures! Really like your capture of the second image. How’re you enjoying living in Yangon?


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