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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Onions & garlic | Pasar Beringharjo


There’s something about markets in south-east Asia. I just love taking photographs in them. Pasar Beringharjo, the central market in Jogja, on the island of Java, is now one of my favourites. There’s a lot more available there than just onions and garlic, but the clothes and fruit and veg and nuts and bolts and bits and bobs will just have to wait for later posts.









6 Responses to “Onions & garlic | Pasar Beringharjo”

  1. bluebrightly

    I like the way you put that – the “clothes and fruit and veg and nuts and bolts and bits and bobs.” 🙂 The beaming man has beautiful eyes…and the hands working on the garlic are also beautiful. I like the sacks as well, and isn’t it funny how the dress the woman in the first photo is wearing picks up the rhythm and colors of the veggies?

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thank you. That first picture was one of those times when all the elements just coincided perfectly. One of my favourites.


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