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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

October all over again


This blog has been a little quiet lately, mostly because I’ve been back home in England (for a little longer than planned) where it’s been too cold, grey and wet to take any photographs.  Anyone eager to see pictures of the Sussex countryside in winter will, I’m afraid, have to look elsewhere.

I have, though, dug out some more pictures from my October trip to north-west Vietnam, which I’m posting here.

In other news, I will soon be unleashing my first photobook on an unsuspecting world.  It’s a collection of portrait pictures taken in Vietnam over the last year and a bit, titled – unless someone can come up with something better – Portraits of Vietnam.  Watch this space for further details, and seriously, please let me know in the comments section below if you have a good idea for a title.



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11 Responses to “October all over again”

  1. Baryna

    I adore your attendance to people. Their look into the lense is so truthful and confident. One believes these portraits subconsciously, so that’s why it is such a pleasure to look at them. That’s just my opinion of course. Anyways, great cheers sir 🙂

  2. lrntn

    I haven’t been here much either, for the usual reasons. But want to say early congrats on your book. Your portraits remind me of Steve McCurry’s works.

  3. whiffdog

    Exciting news on the photobook; looking forward to receiving my signed copy. Have you decided where you are going next.

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thanks Chris. I’m going to be in the UK for another month or so, and then back to Vietnam. Will email with news soon.


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