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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

So long Saigon


One day I’ll write a blog post that eloquently sums up the joys, disappointments, pleasures and frustrations of living in Saigon.  But not today.  Instead, here are some pictures taken over a couple of days in December, as I was preparing to come back to the UK for Christmas.


12 Responses to “So long Saigon”

  1. davidbrookesuk

    Wish I could take photographs like these. They’re perfect.

    I was in HCMC two weeks ago and agree with you on the crazy contradictions of the place.

  2. Chatty Owl

    Captivating mood of all the images. The expression on people’s faces is so mesmerising, I could study every single face for hours. Saigon is lucky to have you there, witnessing the daily lives of people!

  3. Les Petits Pas de Juls

    These shots are absolutely amazing. Those people are truly beautiful and you captured them so well it feels like we’re right there with them. What an awesome tribute to pay them and the city you lived in. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  4. perpetualflaneur

    Beautiful photos, as always. Do you know them personally or are they people you see while on a walk?

  5. Magic Bus

    Just discovered the work – very sustained and great eye for a face etc. Really interesting.

    But as everyone is a critic, I shall venture that I am unconvinced by quite SO much lurid colour and high contrast. It might work OK with the muted last shot of the man and the wall, for example, but some in other posts in particular are acid trips!? Actually, even in the last shot the skin tone is a bit much – VN people are not orange in colour.

    I don’t quite know where this fashion comes from and your photography hardly needs the tricks.

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thanks for the feedback, Mr Bus. Constructive criticism always makes me stop and think. I aim for colours which are strong and vibrant but not overpowering, but yes, I do probably over do it sometimes. On my laptop screen, where I do my editing, the pictures are generally quite muted, but I do find some of them a bit too vivid when viewed on a brighter desktop screen.


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