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Bits and pieces

Hue, central Vietnam, May 2012

View of Hanoi from the top of My Dinh tower, October 2012

In Lenin Park, October 2012


In Ta Phin village, near Sapa, north-west Vietnam, October 2012

October all over again


This blog has been a little quiet lately, mostly because I’ve been back home in England (for a little longer than planned) where it’s been too cold, grey and wet to take any photographs.  Anyone eager to see pictures of the Sussex countryside in winter will, I’m afraid, have to look elsewhere.

I have, though, dug out some more pictures from my October trip to north-west Vietnam, which I’m posting here.

In other news, I will soon be unleashing my first photobook on an unsuspecting world.  It’s a collection of portrait pictures taken in Vietnam over the last year and a bit, titled – unless someone can come up with something better – Portraits of Vietnam.  Watch this space for further details, and seriously, please let me know in the comments section below if you have a good idea for a title.



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Colours and details

Every now and then, I like to publish a post without any people pictures.  Like comedians sometimes make films without any jokes in.  This is one of those.  These pictures are all about the colours, patterns, textures and details that I saw in northern Vietnam last month.

My last post was featured on Freshly Pressed last week, so this site has gained quite a few new readers – hello.  And to all those who have been following, commenting on and liking my posts over the last year – thank you.   Here are some more pictures.

Around Sapa

My trip to Sapa seems like a long time ago now, though I’ve only been back for two and a half weeks.  The cool temperatures, clean air and mist were a world away from Saigon’s humidity and smog.  When the sun came out for the last few days, I was even a bit disappointed.  These pictures were all taken in the countryside and villages around the town over the course of a few long-ish walks.

Red II

I paid a couple of visits to Ta Phin village while I was staying in Sapa. There’s something very compelling about the Red Dao women and their red head scarves.

Red (potw #40)

One of the reasons why I went back to colour for my trip north was because of all the greens, yellows and reds I knew I’d come across. If yesterday’s post was all about the green and yellow, today’s is all about the red.  I met this Red Dao (“zow”) mother and daughter in Ta Phin village, north of Sapa.  The family was entertaining a local policeman with rice wine, and they invited me in to join them. The policeman didn’t want his picture taken, and I wasn’t going to argue with him, but the women of the house were happy to humour me.  This shot was taken just inside the side entrance to the house, where they were nicely lit by the sunlight from outside.

Harvest (potw #39)

I’ve just got back from two weeks in northern Vietnam, mostly spent in the hills in and around Sapa and Bac Ha in Lao Cai province, near the Chinese border.  I have a stack of pictures to sort through and I haven’t worked out how I want to present them yet, but I thought I’d start by posting a couple of single pictures of the week.  There’ll be a longer series or two of pictures in the near-ish future.

This shot was taken on a misty, murky afternoon in Cat Cat village, a short walk from Sapa.  The rice harvest was pretty much over by the time I made it up into the hills, but these farmers, for whatever reason, were a little behind everyone else.