Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Blue (potw #26)

Sometimes, I go for a walk with my camera and nothing happens. Nothing inspires me, I’m not in the right mood, the light’s not right, it’s too hot, it’s too dark, I need a pee, it’s too bright, I’m hungry, I’ve got the wrong lens, I’m tired, the stars aren’t aligned, etc, and so on.

Other times, I stumble upon a great shot just round the corner from my flat. I walk past these blue shutters with their blue writing all the time, but on Saturday afternoon, there they were again, behind a nice man in a blue shirt who was happy to have his picture taken. It’s this sort of thing that restores my faith in photography, and in the universe in general.

11 Responses to “Blue (potw #26)”

  1. traveling crone

    Found your blog while puttering around looking for good tags. I stayed on yours because of the great picture, of course, but it is humour that I always gravitate towards. Thank you for combining the 2 skills.

  2. mpreeti

    Jon, your blog is such a pleasure to browse through. Sometimes when I’m at work and feel lost and blue I come by and browse at your photo blog to realise yet again, it is a beautiful world with beautiful people. Thank you.


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