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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Old favourites

I’ve just updated the homepage of this site, so that it now only shows pictures taken since I came back to south-east Asia, and started this blog, in October last year.

This post features the pictures that have been bumped off the homepage. I’m posting them here because I didn’t want them to disappear from the site altogether.  They were all taken in Vietnam and Cambodia during 2010.

Old fellas
(Hanoi, January 2010; Hanoi, January 2010; Phnom Penh, February 2010)

These stencils, advertising the services of local handymen / labourers, can be seen on walls all over Hanoi and Saigon.
(Saigon, February 2010)

Long Bien fisherman
Grey April days in Hanoi are perfect for black and white photography.
(Long Bien bridge, Hanoi, April 2010)

 Long Bien kids
(Long Bien bridge, Hanoi, April 2010)

Looking askance

Something about this shot of Flower Hmong women reminds me of an early 80s Abba video.
(Bac Ha, July 2010)

Women in red
The middle shot here is one of my favourites.
(Ta Van; Bac Ha; Ta Van, all July 2010)

Blue lady
(Sapa, July 2010)

Hmong market trader
(Sapa, July 2010)

(Le Mat, Hanoi, August 2010)

Hoi An boatman
It’s all about the blue.
(Hoi An, September 2010)

Hoi An farmer
(Hoi An, September 2010)

He loves Hanoi
Taken during the celebrations for Hanoi’s 1000 year anniversary.
(Hanoi, October 2010)

 (Hanoi, October 2010)

Young fisherman
(Kampot, December 2010)

Phnom Penh ferry ride
(Phnom Penh, December 2010)

Three monks
(Phnom Penh, December 2010; Lolei, Angkor, February 2010; Kampot, December 2010)

(Phnom Penh, December 2010)

Wat Langka monks
(Phnom Penh, December 2010)

15 Responses to “Old favourites”

  1. Helen Cherry

    Wonderful portraits.. I wanted to mention a couple of favourites but I can because there are too many.. exceptional work..

  2. Elephunk

    I can’t seem to find what camera equipment and settings you use for these photos? Is it top secret? 🙂

    • Jon Sanwell

      No, it’s not a secret. I just made the decision that I wanted the site to be about the pictures themselves, rather than about equipment and settings. Once you start writing about equipment and settings, you set yourself up as some kind of expert, which I’m not. But since you ask: these days I use a Canon 5D (mk I), but the pictures in this post were taken with my previous cameras, a 400D and then a 40D.

      • Elephunk

        Fair enough, Jon. As a relative newbie who really digs your style and aspires to mimic them in the process of carving out a unique style, the camera settings are of particular interest. Will figure it as part of the fun though. Do you take the images in RAW then do much work in post? I have a 40D, so at least I have no excuse for not taking photos of similar quality in the future! When using the 40D were you using the kit lens?

      • Jon Sanwell

        Yes, I shoot in Raw, and edit my pictures in Lightroom to add some extra pop. I had the kit lens when I first bought the 400D, but upgraded to the 17-85mm, for its better, quicker auto-focus and its longer reach (though I tend not to use longer focal lengths so much now). As far as camera settings are concerned, I don’t do anything particularly clever – for portraits, I use a wide aperture and focus on the eyes. I hope that helps, and thanks for the positive feedback.

  3. ms. diplomacy

    impressive photos, great blog – I’m happy to follow you 🙂


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