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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Cosmopolitan (potw #42)


In order to avoid doing my packing this afternoon, I went for a wander with my camera. I’ve not taken that many pictures in Saigon recently – these pictures of the week have tailed off quite a bit – but I’ve taken a few that I like over the last couple of days. Here’s one of them to be going along with. She sells magazines in District 1.

Later today, I’ll be flying home for Christmas and the New Year. I have five weeks in the UK before coming back to Saigon – briefly – in January.  After that, I’ll be heading off to the next place, though I’m not entirely sure where that will be yet.  First I plan to travel through some other parts of south east Asia for a while.  So this is a kind of farewell to Saigon, but maybe not to Vietnam.

5 Responses to “Cosmopolitan (potw #42)”

  1. Jody and Ken

    Good luck! Merry Christmas! If you can, post some pictures from England–I’d love to see your take on English folks in the street. Your posts are always a welcome diversion. Good luck in your next place, wherever that is. I hope you keep shooting. Ken

  2. J

    Jon! Have a great time in the rainy UK. I would be thrilled if you took a wander through Solo, Central Java (and the surrounding countryside) where I used to live and took the photos I would have done, if I had the skills. You’d do a great job at catching the soul of the place. It’s beautiful and interesting and the people are great. You won’t regret it.


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