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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Around Sapa

My trip to Sapa seems like a long time ago now, though I’ve only been back for two and a half weeks.  The cool temperatures, clean air and mist were a world away from Saigon’s humidity and smog.  When the sun came out for the last few days, I was even a bit disappointed.  These pictures were all taken in the countryside and villages around the town over the course of a few long-ish walks.

61 Responses to “Around Sapa”

  1. LaPetiteFéerie

    You capture such beautiful photographs. My favorite has got to be the one with the two little girls. I could almost feel them giggling away by just looking at that photo! 😀

  2. lsurrett2

    Wonderful! The closeups and the countryside depict a hardy people. I especially love the woman in blue with the hoop earrings.

  3. jenniesisler

    Amazingly beautiful photos. All of these people carry their life stories in their eyes…you have quite a talent. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.

  4. Pippa

    Lovely, crisp photos.
    I could almost feel and breathe the freshness you described you experienced.

  5. thelivingnotebook

    Love these! You’ve captured Sapa beautifully… I stayed at the Cat Cat Twilight when I was there… congrats on the fresh pressing, I’m glad that more people now know about the beauty of Vietnam through your photos

  6. greenmackenzie

    I love these photos…you are especially good at capturing facial emotions, expressions and feelings…I feel like I know some of these people now 🙂

  7. bachvietwichita

    You have done a wonderful job on those pictures, it is my first native country, but nerver have been there yet. After viewing this blog I would want to visit there in the next trip. thanks for the works!

  8. photographybycalliec

    Beautiful work as always, Your images tell in-depth stories, and your portrait show the inner sole of each individual. Great !!!
    Cheers Callie

  9. Hesaraghatta

    Beautiful. My vocabulary falls short to describe these pictures!

  10. Eri Berry

    This partly reminds me of my regular trips to Philippine Cordilleras. I’ve always loved terraced riced field. I wish I could discover those of other countries as well.

    The pictures are stunning. Congrats!

  11. jamielynne82

    beautiful images. The vibrant color, the smiles, everything looks fantastic!

  12. theadventuresofadr

    Small villages are where the best real life scenery can be found, no matter where you travel. I’m learning this more and more on my travels throughout the world. Great portraits and landscapes, congrats on being freshly pressed too!

  13. Gnovember

    Love the little smiling children. Very beautiful, just captured their essence

  14. David Hall

    I realise that it is not the camera, it is who is behind it. Can I ask which camera you used to take these shots. Thanks.

    • Jon Sanwell

      Hi David, I use a Canon 5D (mk I). These pictures were all taken with a Canon 24-105mm lens. Cheers, Jon.

  15. jaguarod

    Inspiring 😀 Its been 4 months I dont shoot…but I think I will go out tomorrow :DD

    Muchas gracias

  16. Don Jay

    Great pictures! I hope you could also come visit Benguet here at Philippines 🙂

  17. Starr

    I can the smile on their faces like life is such a bliss for them. All the struggles are hidden in those smiles.

  18. Ngọc Ngô

    thank you very much for these amazing photos 🙂

  19. bluebrightly

    Wow – you’re very lucky to be able to travel to a place like this, and we’re lucky that you can take such beautiful pictures. I can’t help but wonder how you put people at ease – the portraits of older people are so very moving. Love the trad embroidery too, of course. And glad you mixed in the rice field pictures to give context.


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