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Down by the water


Back in May last year, I spent a week in Hue, in central Vietnam.  A lot of people tend to pass through Hue pretty quickly, or overlook it altogether in favour of Hoi An, which is a shame. Hue doesn’t seem to mind though; the city has a relaxed, pleasingly low-key feel. These pictures are from the countryside around the town and an early morning visit to a fishing village on the Perfume River.

After three and a half months in the UK, I will be heading back to Vietnam later this month, considerably later than planned.  This blog – like the rest of my life – has lost some momentum over that time (I blame the unrelentingly awful weather) but I’m looking forward to getting both back on track and to posting some new pictures here soon. Some sunshine will be nice too.

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Bits and pieces

Hue, central Vietnam, May 2012

View of Hanoi from the top of My Dinh tower, October 2012

In Lenin Park, October 2012


In Ta Phin village, near Sapa, north-west Vietnam, October 2012

May days in Hue

A week in Hue (“hway?”) at the beginning of May provided a welcome change of pace from life in Saigon, even if there was no escape from the heat, which is pretty brutal in south and central Vietnam at this time of the year. Hue is a river city, known for its crumbling tombs and mausoleums and its distinctive cuisine. Historically, it was the ancient capital of the country and, more recently, the scene of some of the bloodiest episodes of the war. Although its past is fascinating, I was more interested in seeing the everyday life of the city now, its streets, markets, canals and people.

Hue details

I spent a lot of my time in Hue looking for patterns, details, textures and colours. I’ve put all these pictures together here because I wanted to do something a little different to my usual portrait dominated posts (though there will be some more Hue portraits coming soon).

It’s about time (potw #24)

It’s been a while since I posted a picture of the week; I simply haven’t been taking many photographs lately. I haven’t been doing much of anything at all, to be honest. But I’ve just come back from a week in Hue, in central Vietnam, where I managed to get up off my arse and take some pictures. This shot was taken in Dong Ba market. More Hue pictures coming soon.