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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Down by the water


Back in May last year, I spent a week in Hue, in central Vietnam.  A lot of people tend to pass through Hue pretty quickly, or overlook it altogether in favour of Hoi An, which is a shame. Hue doesn’t seem to mind though; the city has a relaxed, pleasingly low-key feel. These pictures are from the countryside around the town and an early morning visit to a fishing village on the Perfume River.

After three and a half months in the UK, I will be heading back to Vietnam later this month, considerably later than planned.  This blog – like the rest of my life – has lost some momentum over that time (I blame the unrelentingly awful weather) but I’m looking forward to getting both back on track and to posting some new pictures here soon. Some sunshine will be nice too.

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8 Responses to “Down by the water”

  1. Sisyphus47

    Your pictures are amazing, and the subjects so beautiful ~ what a country! 😉

  2. Angeline M

    Beautiful photos. I especially love that second photo; the hat that almost fills the frame, and that wonderful face.

  3. Gracie

    Beautiful photos. A truly wonderful way to document the people and their way of life.

  4. kabeiser

    You do such a great job at capturing the human element of places that you go. I rarely take great people photos.

  5. bananabatman

    Super shots of Vietnam. They remind me that I still have to finish the posts of my tour of the country. My blog has also lost momentum! Your photos are so very much better than mine though. Thanks for posting them.

  6. Howie Cobb

    Lovely shots Jon as usual. I agree that Hue is a lovely place – equally as nice as Hoi An – and peaceful. I have just published my travel book – Two Minute Noodle which covers backpacking through Vietnam, on Amazon. You might like it. I would welcome your feedback.

  7. esterdeluna

    I love your pictures here. I live in the Philippines, that’s why I didn’t hesitate to like and follow. 🙂


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