Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

The other side


Like most Westerners in Hanoi, I spend the majority of my time on the west side of the Red River, where I live and work and drink coffee and wander about aimlessly. Recently, however, I’ve been driving over Long Bien bridge to explore some of the villages and neighbourhoods on the other side. Life is slower over there. You don’t have to go very far before your surroundings begin to feel more rural than urban.

These pictures were taken in the charmingly unremarkable Tu Dinh neighbourhood, home to a sparse market and an old but well-maintained Catholic church.




8 Responses to “The other side”

  1. Rantasalot

    Tämä on todellisen elämän kuvausta, upea kokonaisuus. These are photos of the real life, great combination of photos and text.

  2. Jura

    Love the one of the church. Often saw the spired of those old churches but never stopped to explore. Very cool!

  3. KaitieBerries

    The more of your photography I see, the more I fall in love with it. You have an excellent eye for color and composition. I’m excited to see more of your work!


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