Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Summer in Cambodia, autumn in Hanoi


This is a slightly random collection of pictures from Cambodia, taken in July this year, as I followed the Mekong river through Kratie and Kompong Cham and on to Phnom Penh.  Much of my time in the first two of these towns was spent sheltering from torrential rain – entirely my own fault for choosing to travel through south-east Asia during the wet season – but I was still able to spend a decent amount of time wandering through markets, visiting temples and cycling through the countryside.

Although I’ve been posting pictures from Laos and Cambodia recently, I’m actually settling back in to life in Hanoi at the moment.  Once again, this blog is lagging a little behind real life.  I’ve found myself a job and a place to live, and I’m very happy to be here, but I still feel a little wistful when I look back through the pictures from my summer travels.  Mostly though, I’ve been enjoying the Hanoi autumn, catching up with old friends and reacquainting myself with the city that was my home for most of 2008-10.  I’m looking forward to the future and savouring the simple pleasures of having my own space again.  After months of living in hotels – not just while I was travelling, but also for my first few weeks here in Hanoi – it’s oddly satisfying just making my own breakfast and having my own front door key.  I’ve not taken a huge number of pictures since I’ve been here, but I’m slowly building up a small collection of pictures of Hanoi, which I’ll start posting here once I’ve got the last of the photographs from the Mekong trip out of my system.


130718-087-edited 130721-016-edited 130721-060-edited 130722-010-edited 130724-009-edited 130724-015-edited 130724-063-edited 130801-045-edited 130802-063-edited

6 Responses to “Summer in Cambodia, autumn in Hanoi”

  1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    I still fancy a photo trip with you…….haven’t decided where we might travel next year yet…Burma is calling but a second Cambodian trip still jockeying for position at the top of the list.

  2. luluharrington

    I am going to Cambodia in January before heading off to Nepal for 5 months. After that I am planning on going to Vietnam. I would like to start in Hanoi and end up in Saigon, stopping in Hue on the way. Do you have any addition recommendations of where I should go?

  3. Carissa

    I love all of your portraits, but the monk with can of Coke is, to use an overused word, awesome. Just. Perfect.


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