Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

From Long Bien bridge

Long Bien bridge spans the Red River in Hanoi. In the middle of the river is “the island”, a small slice of rural Vietnam within sight of the city.

2 Responses to “From Long Bien bridge”

  1. Roxxroxx

    I have some pics of this bridge from July- I really wanted to go out onto it but we’d walked a long way aroun the old town already, it was scorching hot, and I’m pregnant, so we gave up and thought we’d return. We didn’t though. Do you have any more pics from here?

  2. Jon Sanwell

    Hanoi is pretty tiring in July, even if you’re not pregnant. Yes, I have a few more pictures from on and under the bridge, which I’ll be posting soon(ish).


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