Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Mountain people

“So far away from those tree-lined streets,
Look so neat,
Not for us,
No, fat chance,
We’re the mountain people.”
(Mountain People, Super Furry Animals)

This is my final set of pictures from my July trip to Dalat and the central highlands.

18 Responses to “Mountain people”

    • Jon Sanwell

      It’s definitely worth a visit. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not really like anywhere else in the country.

  1. thesparechangekitchen

    Your images are beautiful. I travelled extensively in SEA before I had my daughter and I am feeling those itchy feet again. Thanks for bringing back some memories 🙂

  2. newuser200

    Love the picks, but i think the photoshop is obvious in some of them. besides that, i think they’re really cool!

  3. Orlando Uy

    lovely set. I like the portrait of the old woman best (4th photo).
    Driving a motorcycle while using a mobile phone seems to be a common sight in Asia. We have a lot of those here in the Philippines too.


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