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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Neighbourhood #4

It’s about a month now since I got back from my week in Dalat and the central highlands.  I was so pleased with the pictures that I took on that trip that I’ve found myself reluctant to go out shooting since I got back, for fear that the pictures won’t be as good.  Clearly, I need to have a word with myself.  In the meantime, here are a few shots from my Saigon neighbourhood which were taken at the beginning of July.

16 Responses to “Neighbourhood #4”

  1. mrcrish_cjr

    These are so nice – how do you capture their expressions so well? Do you know these people or do you get these with a wide-angle as a street photographer? Something about the expressions on their faces says that they are very comfortable with you!

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thank you! I don’t know the people in these pictures at all, I just approach people who look interesting. I’m always open about what I’m doing, and try to connect henwith someone wne I take their picture, even if only for a couple of minutes. These pictures were all taken with a 50mm lens, but I often use wider angles as well, especially if I want to show more background or context.

      • mrcrish_cjr

        btw – I liked this post so much I reblogged it – keep up the good work, it’s inspiring photography!

  2. andybeel

    Hi Jon these pictures show an affinity and a confidence with the people you are photographing – thanks for sharing. Andy

  3. westerner54

    Yes, have a word with yourself, because you absolutely must not stop shooting. And if your word with yourself doesn’t work, we’ll all be giving you our words – and you don’t want that to happen.

  4. photographybycalliec

    How could you ever doubt yourself,your images let us see into the soles of the people you have taken, your images are amazing and we are all waiting to see more.Keep shooting.
    Cheers Callie

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thank you, Callie, I really appreciate the encouragement. Will definitely keep shooting, just going through a bit of a dip at the moment.


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