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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Dalat to Ho Lak and back again

One of the things I like best about living in the city is leaving it every now and then to spend a few days in the country.  A week in the central highlands around Dalat gave me the chance to breathe some clean air and try my hand at some landscape photography, neither of which I get to do very often.  I took a couple of motorbike trips with one of the Dalat Easy Riders, Mr. Thanh (aka Joseph), who did a far better job of negotiating hairpin bends and avoiding oncoming trucks than I ever could have.  As a passenger, I could concentrate on looking at one spectacular view after another.  Impressive as those views were, the people we encountered in the villages, fields and markets were even more memorable.  These pictures are taken from those two motorbike trips, and were taken in the area around Dalat, and on the road to Ho Lak (Lak lake).

17 Responses to “Dalat to Ho Lak and back again”

  1. Alan P.

    Love the b&w presentation and the theme you’ve captured along the faces of this place. This set makes me wonder if I’ve wandered into a gallery exhibition 😛 Very neat.

  2. Jimmy Von Riesen

    Great photos, Jon! Love the way the contrast works on these. Are you shooting black and white or processing them afterwards?

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thanks, Jimmy! I’m shooting in Raw, but with the camera set to black and white – so I see black and white previews when I’m out and about, but still have colours to work with when I’m processing.

  3. thetuckle

    Your photography is excellent, I love your candid shots as well as the landscapes, and the way you took the countryside life and portrayed it with your pictures is unique. I especially love the picture of the old man, the contrast is intriguing and his expression is timeless. I haven’t been following you very long but this is a blog is well worth the time to look at. Great work!

  4. traveller2006

    you’ve got a wonderful collection of photos here. I like the fact that you’ve used black and white, I think it gives much more depth and interest to the pictures which are already interesting in their own right. Thank you!


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