Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Neighbourhood #2

More pictures from my neighbourhood, taken over the last couple of months. I’m really lucky that so much of Vietnamese life is lived out of doors, and that so many Vietnamese people are happy for an awkward, foolish-looking foreigner to take pictures of them.

9 Responses to “Neighbourhood #2”

  1. Kongo

    What a great study. The personality of the neighborhood really comes through with these pictures. They make you want to visit.

  2. Matt Harpham

    amazing pictures although a few of the face are overexposed/burnt by the light.

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thanks for the feedback, Matt. What kind of monitor are you using? I only ask becaue I edit my pictures on my laptop, where I get them looking just how I want, but when I view them on a desktop monitor, they tend to look brighter than I’d intended. I probably need to learn about colour management, or something.

      • Matt Harpham

        actually I’m using my mac, but it just seems to me that, in pictures 1,4,8,12 (from the top), the light is so violent (flash?) that there are white blotches on the face. which is unfortunate, because as I said, those pictures are of a rare quality.

  3. eof737

    Terrific shots and engaging too. Thank you for hosting this week’s WordPress photo challenge! 🙂


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