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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I’m very happy to be guest host of the Weekly Photo Challenge on wordpress.com this week, presenting the theme of everyday life.  Street food is very much a feature of everyday life here in Saigon; this lady runs a banh xeo (crispy pancakes filled with bean sprouts and stuff) stall in District 3.

Centurian (potw #37)

This sharply-dressed gent was watching the world go by outside his family’s home furnishings store.  He is, according to his neighbour, one hundred years old.  Anyone who reaches that age is going to have seen a lot in their life, but I think that’s especially true of someone who reaches that age in Vietnam.

Neighbourhood #4

It’s about a month now since I got back from my week in Dalat and the central highlands.  I was so pleased with the pictures that I took on that trip that I’ve found myself reluctant to go out shooting since I got back, for fear that the pictures won’t be as good.  Clearly, I need to have a word with myself.  In the meantime, here are a few shots from my Saigon neighbourhood which were taken at the beginning of July.

A sunny interlude (potw #34)

It’s been a very wet week – even when it wasn’t raining, it felt like it was about to start – but I found a little time during a sunny interlude late on Tuesday afternoon to take a walk round the block and shoot a few pictures.

Later today I’m heading up to Dalat for a week of mountain air and cooler temperatures.  I plan to spend the week walking, reading, napping and taking photographs, probably black and white photographs, as that’s what’s interesting me at the moment.


I really must remember to look up more often.

Incense coils suspended from the ceiling of Thien Hau pagoda

Guitars for sale in District 3

Uncle Ho watches over the Post Office in central Saigon

Neighbourhood #3

This is the third and – for now at least – final part of my Neighbourhood series. Over the last couple of months, I’ve spent a lot of time – though less than I would like – wandering the streets near where I live in Saigon, hoping to capture something of the character of the people and places I see every day.