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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell


downriver collage

My photobook, Downriver, is still available through blurb.co.uk.

In the summer of 2013, I spent four months following the Mekong river through south-east Asia. From the Xishuangbanna region in China’s Yunnan province, I travelled into northern Laos, crossed the river for a brief visit to Thailand, then continued down through the southern tail of Laos and into eastern Cambodia, before finishing my journey in the Mekong delta region in southern Vietnam. The book is a collection of my photographs and thoughts from the trip.

The 136 page book is available as an 8×10 in softcover book or as a PDF download. Click here to order or to see a limited preview.


7 Responses to “Downriver”

  1. Andrew

    I hope it does well for you, Jon. A great project and I’m sure a rewarding one in photographic terms.

    • Jon Sanwell

      Thanks, Andrew. I don’t think the book will make me my fortune, but it was certainly a rewarding project, and I’m glad just to have it out there.

  2. kabeiser

    Would it be alright if I use one of your photos (the main photo in this post) on my blog? I am writing a (hopefully recurring) blog post about 10 interesting blogs/bloggers/places. The first one is focused on Asia and I will do a short writeup on each blog/blogger with links back to your blog and I will mention your book also.


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