Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Winter sun II


In my last post, I wrote about the winter sun in Hanoi. That sun has promptly been replaced with grey sky and drizzle. Hanoi does this to you; just when you’re feeling comfortable and at ease with the place, it does something to remind you who’s boss. Just to prove to myself that it wasn’t all a dream, I’m posting some more pictures taken in the December and January sunshine.

141214-043-edited 141214-066-edited

141228-049-edited 150101-012-edited 150101-034-edited 150103-004-edited 150103-010-edited 150103-026-edited

5 Responses to “Winter sun II”

  1. Andrew

    Impressive set of portraits. For sheer attitude the guy lounging on his pile of clothes is my pick. Fine work.

  2. adventuresofruth

    You’ve really managed to capture some of the fantastic spirit of Hanoi in your photos! I’ve been in Vietnam 6 months this time, and although have decided to cut my time short I will leave with amazing memories of a fascinating country. Looking forward to seeing future posts from Vietnam 🙂


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