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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Streets of Chau Doc (part 3)


My five day stay in Chau Doc in early August was one of the most rewarding periods I’ve had with my camera – everywhere I looked there seemed to be a picture waiting to be taken.  Everything seemed so easy – the weather was perfect, the people were friendly and my mood was good.  Looking back, I wonder why I didn’t stay there longer.

This is my final set of pictures from my summer Mekong trip: three and a half months of travelling from Yunnan province in China, through Laos, a tiny bit of Thailand, and eastern Cambodia, and then into the Mekong delta in Vietnam.  I came back from the trip with some great memories, ruined sandals, the nearest thing I’ll ever get to a tan, and – I think – some of the best pictures I’ve taken.  Just as I enjoyed the journey, which came to an end at the beginning of September, I’ve also enjoyed the process of going back through my photo catalog over the last few weeks and posting the pictures that didn’t make it onto the blog while I was travelling.  At the same time, I’m glad that process is now finished, so that I can give more time and energy to taking pictures in Hanoi, where I’m living now.  So this post is my way of drawing a line under the Mekong trip – for now at least – and moving on.

130804-080-edited 130804-089-edited 130804-211-edited130805-224-edited 130804-293-edited130804-235-edited 130804-325-edited130804-224-edited130804-414-edited 130804-460-edited 130805-177-edited 130805-237-edited 130806-164-edited 130807-023-edited

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11 Responses to “Streets of Chau Doc (part 3)”

  1. davidbrookesuk

    Some great portraits. Sounds like a fantastic trip!

  2. Bà Tám

    Your subject, the people, they looked relaxed and enjoyed. If you don’t mind my intrusion, how did you approach them? I like to photograph people but I am not comfortable to ask for permission.


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