Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Yuanyang portraits II


Some more pictures from my visit to Yuanyang, in Yunnan province, China, in May of this year.

130518-057-edited130519-116-edited130519-331-edited 130519-264-edited 130519-303-edited 130518-254-edited

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7 Responses to “Yuanyang portraits II”

  1. Andrew

    Excellent. It’s all in the intensity of the eyes. Just look at McCurry’s portraits. The eyes burn into the lens.

  2. Jo

    All of those portraits makes me wonder about the story behind their lives.

  3. shilpzs

    Your photography is very amazing and inspiring. The portraits are beautiful and always loved. I am reblogging your link on my blog Many regards


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