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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Rambutans are not the only fruit


… but they might be the most photogenic. I got a little obsessed with the little hairy blighters while in Vinh Long, the rambutan capital of Vietnam (probably).

Oh, and they taste nice as well, very much like lychees.

[And apologies to email subscribers who received a draft version of this post without any pictures in it.]








8 Responses to “Rambutans are not the only fruit”

  1. Carissa

    Before I read your sentence about lychees, I was going to ask if they are related. Do they taste the same? Oh, makes me homesick for Hawaii where lychees grew in people’s yards.

  2. Andreu Cornico

    so lucky we have the here :9 never knew where they came from though till now, lol.

  3. Robin from Around the Island

    I just stumbled across your blog looking for information on Mekong Delta trips – what a treat to discover that it’s actually a wonderful photography blog! Your work is stunning and I’ve added your blog to my reader. It will be great inspiration – and a real treat for the eyes – as I plan my own upcoming Vietnam trip (for April 2014).


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