Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Brian Wilson’s Brain


And now for something completely different.

Last Saturday, I went to watch my friends in Brian Wilson’s Brain practice for some upcoming gigs.  The rehearsal room is a difficult place for photography as it’s pretty dim and crowded, but the yellow foam on the walls makes for a good background. I just managed to avoid stepping on any pedals, tripping over any cables and knocking over the drumkit, and came away with a handful of pictures that I like, as well as some which are too alarming to post here on a wholesome, family blog.

The band are (clockwise from top left) Ian, Hannah, Andrew and Rusty.  They sound a little like the Velvet Underground fighting with the Pixies and flirting with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs during a tropical thunderstorm.  If you’re in Saigon, you can see them play tomorrow, Saturday May 11th, at Bernie’s Irish Pub on Thai Van Lung.  The band promise free strawberries for everyone, but they might not be telling the truth.


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