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Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

The little differences

Two days in two of south-east Asia’s capital cities, two months apart. In January, I passed through Phnom Penh on my way back from my Mekong trip. Last weekend, I went back to my old home of Hanoi for the first time in more than a year. I didn’t take that many pictures on either occasion – in Phnom Penh, I was winding down after two weeks away, and in Hanoi I had some important drinking to do.  I got a few shots that I like though, and I thought they might make a nice ‘compare and contrast’ exercise.  Forgive me, I’m an English teacher.  Phnom Penh is in colour and Hanoi is in black and white.

15 Responses to “The little differences”

  1. leong23

    Nice series, I will be travelling to HCM city in April to do some street shooting too. 🙂

  2. Robby Cowell

    These shots are fantastic, great documentary work on Hanoi.

  3. tvo314

    Love the compare and contrast between the two vastly different cities. Yet, you connected the two very well.

  4. theeyeoffaith

    Wow, what a beautiful voyage you just gave us!! Thank you so much. The first portrait you have here is really astounding! There’s so much richness given from a simple expression by this wrinkled wise man with a very long hair on his chin-y chin chin! That picture will stay in our minds for a very long time. It’s all just an ordinary day.

    The Eye.

  5. onelifethislife

    The portraits tell a story that will be different for each viewer. You have wonderfully captured the essence and natural beauty of the culture and its people!

    Incredible series. I love them all! 🙂

  6. SiSa

    Love this blog site. It’s fun scrolling down that I don’t have to read much and just look on the pictures and from the pictures itself, they tell stories already.. Nice shots. The black background makes more the pictures vibrant, added effect. I find it solemn. 🙂 .. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. blakitan

    Very nice ‘human interest’ photos. I can learn about Vietnam thru your photos. Thank you master for sharing these photos.

  8. ks

    I like your view on the faces of different people, very nice work here make you want to spend a long time

  9. themodernidiot

    Why is that police officer squatting on a scale?


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