Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Sugar and spice (potw #19)

Binh Tay market, Cholon, Saigon.

I’ve not taken many pictures lately – I’ve been lacking inspiration since coming back from my Mekong / Cambodia trip in January.  I felt like I was on a roll while I was away, but I seem to have hit a slump since getting back to Saigon.  Consequently, I’m a bit behind with my Pictures of the Week – this one’s from the week before last.

2 Responses to “Sugar and spice (potw #19)”

  1. Lars Svahn

    Earlier I was active taking photograps especially while sailing and here I am able to see some of your results taking beautiful photos while travelling in east. I am astonished. Of course I am still active with my Olympus micro Tough digital camera. Thank you


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