Without an H

Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell

Colours of Cao Dai, Saigon

The Cao Dai temple in District 5 of Saigon is the less well-known little brother of the Cao Dai Holy See in Tay Ninh.  I posted a couple of images in an earlier Picture of the Week post but I thought I would share a few more.

Click on any image to view a slideshow.

4 Responses to “Colours of Cao Dai, Saigon”

  1. Joshua

    I’ve always been fascinated by this religion and its blend of other faiths – great job capturing it! This will be a definite stop for me when I visit Vietnam someday (I live in Taiwan now).

  2. iedarla

    I Love the color, the texture and the moment you have captured here in your work. I look forward to following you in your travels.

  3. Greg

    Beautiful photos. I was in this temple but you showed it from a different angle.


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