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Hanoi street portraits (#10)


Last week, thanks to the nice people at WordPress, my post on shooting for a year at 35mm was featured on Freshly Pressed, causing an ego-boosting spike in views of this site. I’d just like to say a quick hello to my new followers, and a big thank you to those who’ve been reading for a while. I appreciate all the support and comments, and I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy my pictures.

Hanoi street portraits (#7)

150117-057-edited 150114-063-edited

These two guys run little street-side tea stalls in different parts of Hanoi. The guy at the top was initially very reluctant to have his picture taken but eventually decided to humour me; the guy at the bottom, now making his second appearance on this blog, was a very willing model. He has a big, goofy smile, but I prefer this more serious shot.