Photography from south-east Asia by Jon Sanwell


Hello sunshine


After weeks of grey, drizzly weather, the sun has begun to force its way through the clouds above Hanoi this week. Not bright, blazing sunshine by any means, but a soft, hazy sunshine that’s perfect for street portraits.

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Inspired Eye magazine


Some of my pictures from Vietnam are featured in this month’s issue of Inspired Eye, along with an interview I did with Olivier Duong, one of the photographers behind the magazine. Inspired Eye focuses on street and travel photography and is available for download in PDF format; click on the image above for more detail.

It was a real pleasure to be involved in this issue. Olivier’s questions made me think about how and why I take photographs, and I’m really pleased with the selection and layout of the pictures.


Bangkok leftovers


A few more portrait and detail shots from my recent trip to Bangkok, pictures which didn’t really fit into either of my previous posts.


Amulets R Us

140205-020-editedAmulet market, Bangkok


All about the red


I spent a little time in Bangkok at the end of January and beginning of February, because of some not very interesting but still quite annoying problems with my Vietnamese visa. My visit coincided with the Lunar New Year, so I made a couple of visits to the area around Yaowarat Road, Bangkok’s Chinatown.  The area was awash with red: kids’ pyjamas, lanterns, envelopes for ‘lucky money’ and, confusingly, anti-government protesters.  While red has been adopted as the signature colour of the pro-government faction, the other side seemed to use the new year celebrations as an opportunity to reclaim the colour, temporarily abandoning their usual yellow shirts in favour of red.

140129-013-edited140129-023-edited140129-039-edited140129-015-edited140129-030-edited 140201-009-edited







Winter in Hanoi has been mild so far, though the pessimist in me is wary about what February and March have in store. Up until now, despite the cold of the early morning and night time, the days have been mostly bright and sunny. These pictures were taken last week, in a Hanoi neighbourhood not far from where I live.

I’ve been trying for something a bit different with my pictures since coming back from my Mekong trip, shooting only in black and white and only with a 35mm lens, and with minimal post-processing. I think this approach is quite well suited to Hanoi in the autumn and winter. But I’ve not been shooting as much as I would like. While I was travelling in the summer, I was very focused on photography, shooting nearly every day, and planning my time and my travels around my pictures. Now that I’m settled back in Hanoi, photography has taken a bit of a back seat again, something to be fitted in around my job and my everyday life. This isn’t altogether a bad thing. I’m very happy to be living in Hanoi again, and am (mostly) enjoying teaching again, but I hope to be shooting and posting more often over the coming months.

140120-011-edited 140120-018-edited 140120-025-edited 140120-035-edited 140120-038-edited 140120-041-edited 140120-045-edited 140120-050-edited

Lucky numbers and other pictures


A few more from the streets of Hanoi.

3 4 5 2

Pyjama man and other pictures


Autumn in Hanoi, 2013

vietnam-hanoi-autumn-1 vietnam-hanoi-autumn-6vietnam-hanoi-autumn-2 vietnam-hanoi-autumn-11vietnam-hanoi-autumn-3 vietnam-hanoi-autumn-4vietnam-hanoi-autumn-10vietnam-hanoi-autumn-5 vietnam-hanoi-autumn-8 vietnam-hanoi-autumn-9


131013-015-edited 131027-039-edited 131027-191-edited 131027-019-edited

Hanoi, October 2013

Barbershop quartet

131020-013-edited 131020-022-edited 131020-068-edited 131028-015-edited

Hanoi, October 2013


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